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Vision 2020

This is an outstanding city.
But you don't just take.
You've got to build.

Fran Deacon

Wife of the late Fraser Deacon,
Founder of Toronto Foundation

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This city is ours.

We’re redefining philanthropy.

And accelerating change.

More than 110 of Toronto’s Millennial and Gen X philanthropists are bucking stereotypes about their generations and collectively pledging more than $500,000 of their own wealth to build the city’s urban resilience. Through the Toronto Neighbourhood Resilience Project, these young philanthropists will work hand-in-hand with the City of Toronto, Toronto Foundation, community leaders and residents from across the city to invest in projects that will strengthen the city’s social fabric.

Read the press release (January 19 2018).

In The News:

Zahra Ebrahim on Giving Back, Here & Now, CBC Radio, March 2, 2018.
Vision 2020 Offers an MBA in Paying it Forward, The Globe and Mail. February 2, 2018.
Young Philanthropists pledge $570,000to address Toronto’s most ‘pressing issues’, The Toronto Star. January 23, 2018.
Redefining the Future of Philanthropy, Imagine Canada. January 22, 2018.





The newly established endowments include:


Alexander Foundation Alicia Mathlin and Jarel Cockburn Foundation
Andrée Noiles Memorial Fund Ashley & Michael Barrett Family Foundation
Aspire Fund Bajaj Family Foundation
Barton Feenstra Family Foundation Basa Foundation
Bloom Fund Buchman 2020 Fund
Carter Foundation Cathy J. Richards Friends & Family Fund
Cedric and Beau Connell Foundation Cory Family Fund
Curtner Fund Daly Morris Foundation
Daryanani-Nakra Family Foundation David McAnoy Foundation
Equity Foundation F & T Catalano Family Fund
Glenrose Foundation Gokhale Cheung-Seekit Family Foundation
Golberg Family Fund Goldsmith Jano Family Foundation
Good Luck Foundation Grassroots TO Fund
Greenspon Fund for a Just City Grislis-Mason Family Fund
Hochglaube Gandy Family Fund Holtz-Allemang Family Foundation
Hygge Fund JS Fund
Kilo Foundation Koel Loyer Family Foundation
Kwan Family Foundation Lau Foundation
Lentilberry Fund Lofty Investments Fund
Mark Kiyonaga and Arielle Rinaldi Foundation Mark Landers and Marcy Stephens Foundation
Matawi Foundation McLean Family Foundation
Melani and David O’Leary Foundation Mencius Foundation
Mona Abouali Memorial Fund Nagpal Vir Family Foundation
Nayar Foundation Nguyen Family Foundation
Nikore Family Foundation NJ Foundation
Pooja & Anish Kirpalani Fund Rachel L. Goldberger Fund
Rawji Simone Family Foundation Reset Foundation
Riddell Foundation Ritchie Peters Foundation
Sarah and Amar Bhalla Foundation Sarah F. Marion Foundation
Scollard Foundation Susan Jean Jackson Foundation
Sylvia Ng and Kevin Wong Family Foundation Tchao Langelo Family Foundation
The Hak Foundation Tishan and Nicole Mills Foundation
VBX Fund Vohra-Miller Foundation
vukets + aujla foundation Werry Family Fund
Wright Family Foundation YT Foundation
Zahra and Salimah Ebrahim Family Foundation Zimmel Family Foundation