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A Legacy with Roots

This is an outstanding city.
But you don't just take.
You've got to build.

Fran Deacon

Wife of the late Fraser Deacon,
Founder of Toronto Foundation

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A Legacy with Roots

Michael de Pencier plants trees for the past and the future   Trees are remarkable. They take in carbon and produce oxygen, helping us fight climate change. They absorb storm water and reduce flood damage. They can even keep our houses warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. […]

Sharon Avery: Reflections on our Vision 2020 journey

As all seasoned Torontonians know, when you live in this city, you spend an awful lot of time dealing with traffic. And whether we’re driving, taking public transit, or walking, intersections are not places where you want to spend much time. But in philanthropy, intersections are the best places to […]

Great Lakes One Water Partnership (GLOW)

Toronto Foundation joins philanthropic partnership for flood awareness In Toronto, we often experience the effects of climate change as floods. Rainfall in the GTA has increased dramatically in the last 20 years, and will only continue to escalate. As climate change intensifies, our region will experience a greater number of […]

Caring Builds Communities

Board member Greg Wilkinson on #TorontoStrong Like many Canadians, I was bewildered when I first heard about both the van attack and the Danforth shootings. My instant reaction was – not here, not us – followed by the sinking recognition that yes, it happened in our community. At first, I […]

Staff Announcement: Rosalyn Morrison retires

  “You always want to leave an organization better than you found it. Roz’s tenure at the Foundation is a testament to this.” – Bill Mackinnon, Chair, Toronto Foundation Board of Directors   After 12 years we bid farewell to Rosalyn Morrison who retires at the end of this year. […]

Sharon Avery: When women succeed, we all win

  On October 16-18, we sponsored the gender stream at the 2018 Philanthropic Foundations of Canada Conference. We hosted a pre-conference workshop on “Connecting Philanthropy and Community with a Gender Focus,” a plenary session on “Philanthropy’s Work Empowering Women and Girls,” and a follow-up session with the Coady Institute titled, […]

The NJ Foundation

“What you’re born into has a huge impact on where you can end up.” – Janey Law, Fundholder   Just over a year ago, Janey Law and Norman Young weren’t sold on the idea of starting their own fund. As the children of immigrants, they both live by the humility […]