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In this section you’ll find research and resources that track quality of life issues in Toronto, and features of high-impact community organizations and campaigns focused on creating solutions to our city’s most pressing needs. Refer back to this section to help inform your philanthropic decisions, values and goals....

Toronto is a city of great wealth, but it is also the income inequality capital of Canada. There’s been a growing divide between those who benefit from wealth, and those whose prospects of financial security, health and wellbeing have been pushed to the margins of our society. Now add COVID-19 and these rifts are exacerbated with the most vulnerable bearing the brunt of the fallout.

Understanding Toronto’s strengths and challenges is key to informing philanthropy that will help create a society where everyone belongs and has equal opportunity to thrive. But being informed is about more than statistics and trends - it involves connecting with and shifting power to communities with lived experience and those doing the heavy-lifting work on the ground. These are just some of the principles of what we call ‘The New Philanthropy’.

If you are interested in engaging in these topics with others or getting more hands on with your philanthropy, join our learning program through which you can connect and learn with fellow philanthropists and nonprofit leaders at events and workshops throughout the year .
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