IMFTO is a special program bringing together education, industry, and government to provide the opportunity for 8-12 years old BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) youth to design Toronto’s recovery from COVID-19 and systemic racism for the next 3-5 years. Learn more at

Hello, we are Adrian, Blake, Kealon, Laith, Logan, Marleigh, PJ and Zahra: the first cohort of the It’s My Future Toronto [IMFTO] Program.

From January until April 2021, we participated in all the IMFTO Design, Report, and Advertise virtual workshops led by professionals and students from OCAD University, the Globe and Mail, Sid Lee, and Juliet creative agencies. For the full list of all the partners see,

We have come up with fresh ideas as to how to make the future of Toronto better. Watch our video ads.

These ideas have been published in the April 16, 2021 Globe and Mail and even presented to the Toronto Youth Cabinet on May 6, 2021:

Adrian: Problem 1: Homelessness in Toronto. Solution 1: Portable homeless shelters on wheels
Adrian: Problem 2: Waking up in the morning. Solution 2: Bluetooth alarm clock that you have to walk over to stop.
Blake: Problem: Getting a mask when you have forgotten yours when out. Solution: Auto-mask machine that safely and hygienically provides you with a mask.
Kealon: Problem: Too much screen time. Solution: Screen timer with recommendations for outdoor activities.
Laith: Problem: People getting closer than 6 feet away. Solution: Sensor app that tells you when you are too close.
Logan: Problem: Littering. Solution: CleanLo, solar powered litter alert.
PJ: Problem: Pollution of salt to melt the snow. Solution: Super Salt Remover, which melts salt by hot water pipes under the sidewalk.
Zahra: Problem: plastic pollution. Solution: Website to learn about biodegradable plastics.

We are asking you to donate to “fund our futures” so that we can raise $50,000 by July 1, 2021. These monies will be used to turn our ideas into real prototypes and test pilots, so that we can continue to have impact on Toronto’s future, on our futures. At this time, your donation to the IMFTO program will go towards supporting 8-12 year old BIPOC youth (like us) and bringing our ideas to life.

IMFTO would like to thank our industry and government partners including Microsoft’s Minecraft, Operation Pre-Frontal Cortex, Oya Media, Wolff Olins for the branding, and the City of Toronto.

IMFTO would also like to thank our community partners including Sistema Toronto, The Library of Social Change, Markham African Caribbean Canadian Association, North York Community House, Urban Rez, Queen Victoria Public School Black Students Success Initiative, and D’Lyfe Dance Company.

IMFTO especially would like to thank Adrian, Blake, Kealon, Laith, Logan, Marleigh, PJ and Zahra and all the volunteers, parents, and caretakers who have supported the IMFTO Youth Cohort of 2021.

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