“L’avenir” is a charity foundation, with a strategic focus on “equality”. Here is how Neda and Denise
(the founders of L’avenir) best describe what they do:

‘We founded L’avenir because we wanted to make possible a whole new magnitude of change, by promoting social,
civil, political, economic and legal equality in our communities. We think “equality” should be continuously revisited
and redefined, following our evolving needs, and that a laser focus on it is needed to keep us on track, and down the
line “equal”!’

Both founders are immigrants with extensive exposure to the professional world and have observed and experienced
the pain of man-made inequalities throughout their global adventures. You can learn more about them and L’avenir
by visiting their web page: https://lavenirfoundation.com/

L’avenir has been founded as part of Toronto Foundation’s Vision 2020 program, and is legally registered at Toronto
Foundation. All donations (of $25 and up) will receive a tax receipt.


This Fund’s granting purpose is subject to change at the request of the Donor Advisor.
To enable the Donor Advisor to properly recognize donors for their contributions, Toronto Foundation will share your contact information and donation amount with the Donor Advisor unless you have checked the anonymous box on the donation form.