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Arab Community Centre of Toronto (ACCT)

A settlement and community agency in its 50th year of operations, ACCT empowers Arab Canadians and other newcomers to lead informed, productive and culturally sensitive lives. As an advocate of self-sufficiency, ACCT works towards creating innovative programs and services that adapt to the ever-changing needs of the community.

CHOICE 1 - 5- Media Arts for Newcomer Youth (1)
CHOICE 2 - 6- Youth Drop-In (1)
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36% of ACCT clients are unemployed and 34% are refugees—predominantly from Syria.

Source: Arab Community Centre of Toronto

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In 2023, ACCT will provide laptops, internet access and digital training to refugee women, who often have less access to technology and lower digital literacy. Then ACCT will use the program data to bridge the digital equity gap by pushing for policy change.


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Top Right: Participants in the Media Arts for Newcomer Youth (MANY) program

Bottom Left: Participants at the ACCT youth drop-in


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