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Understanding Toronto’s strengths and challenges is the key to informed philanthropy and civic engagement. Our research and reports are designed to surface the data, analysis and voices of lived experience and experts doing the heavy-lifting on the ground.

Good To Give Guide

The new Good to Give Guide is ready // Spurred by the findings of the 2022 Toronto Social Capital Study, we have put together a list of 14 donation-ready organizations who are rebuilding social capital and creating systems change together. Download the Guide today.


The Toronto Social Capital Study 2022 is the most in-depth look at social capital in the city. Released by Toronto Foundation and the Environics Institute, along with 15 partners, the report covers Torontonians’ wellbeing based on their social networks, social trust, civic engagement and neighbourhood support. 

Results show who's disconnected and why that matters to city's health. Read our Toronto Social Capital Study 2022 today.

Watch Vital Signs Videos:

The Trust Collective: Our Shared Journey highlights the three-year collaborative learning journey to advance gender equality, involving more than 50 women philanthropists and women-led and/or women-serving charitable organizations.

A first-of-its-kind campaign for Toronto Foundation, the idea was to share power between philanthropists and charitable leaders to address the issues faced by women and girls in our city and beyond—and reimagine what women-led philanthropy can look like. Read the report

Oral Health Report


Who you are, where you live and what you earn pre-determine your access to dental coverage and oral health outcomes – more consequences of inequality in Toronto. The working poor are amongst the worst off as they fall between eligibility cracks with incomes too high to qualify for publicly funded services and too low to pay out of pocket. Read the report.

Pandemic Giving Guide

In the Pandemic Giving Guide over 300 sector leaders share their insights from on the ground. They have a clear and urgent message: in the wake of the pandemic, giving perspectives + actions need to quickly change.

Check out their top 9 tips for effective giving during COVID.


Read the latest news, stories and insights on the city's needs and opportunities; organizations working on solutions; and how to get involved with your philanthropy.