Explore the fund types

There are several fund types to choose from. To decide, consider your:

  • charitable goals
  • timeline
  • how hands-on you want to be

The chart below summarizes our different fund types with their associated goals, minimum balances, and subtypes.

Fund Options - Chart - v8

Donor advised

Hands on and flexible. You directly administer grants to charities of your choice.

Donor advised field of interest

Cause focused, but flexible. Specify your areas of interest and grant to the charities of your choice working in this field.

    Field of interest

Set by you, optimized by us. Identify the causes you care about and we choose where to direct your grants based on the greatest needs at that time.


Consistent and automated. Select your charities upfront and we administer your grants to them every year.

For more information, contact:

Aneil Gokhale

Director, Philanthropy

416-921-2035 ext. 212


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