The environment: There are always important conversations to be had

Some folks wonder what progress can be achieved in cities and many of us question how momentum can be gained. So what happened when we gathered two formidable leaders, several long-time philanthropists and the environmentally curious for an intimate conversation in June 2024? Energy lifted and new connections were made, because caring for our climate is going to take everyone at the table and new collaborators.

Longtime environmental advocate, Burkhard Mausberg, president, Small Change Fund, shared insights on the massive and high profile undertaking to challenge the proposed divisions to the Greenbelt and urged philanthropists not to shy away from funding advocacy:

Philanthropy is often afraid of politics because donors don’t want to appear partisan. But politics is where and how decisions are made. To affect real change, we must fund more advocacy to influence politics and it need not be partisan.”

Emmay Mah, executive director, Toronto Environmental Alliance, pushed back on misconceptions that it’s harder to impact climate at the local level:

When it comes to protecting those made most vulnerable to climate impacts, our community partners have shown us the power of the grassroots and intergenerational relationships. Most recently, we’ve seen youth volunteers dedicating their time and positive energy to supporting seniors living in high-rises during extreme heat events.”

If you haven’t yet started funding the environment, now’s the time. Here’s a list of mostly local organizations you can support-some we’ve shared before and others are new, highly recommended by our speakers:

*Some non-local organizations were recommended by our speakers the June 2023 fundholder event.

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