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We exist to improve quality of life for people in a specific geographic area — highlighting needs, engaging donors and making grants.

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WHEN UMBRELLA ORGANIZATIONS REALLY MATTER // When a member organization quits the association we all give pause. What does this say about the role of umbrella organizations in a time of sweeping change? Read our chief program officer Julia Howell’s reflections. Read More

FROM RECONCILIATION TO RECIPROCITY: TOP FIVE WAYS TO EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE // What meaningful action has taken place in philanthropy to ensure justice for Indigenous communities? How can we move forward from the rhetoric of reconciliation to true reciprocity? How can we expand our knowledge and support solutions? Read More

2021 ANNUAL REPORT // Last year we advocated more boldly, leaned deeper into trust-based philanthropy and put more of our assets to use for good – all while philanthropy was under the microscope. Read More


Understanding Toronto’s Greatest Needs

Research, insights, and recommendations to connect your philanthropy to the causes you care about.

A snapshot of the trends and issues affecting quality of life in Toronto.
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Your guide to high-impact organizations working on the causes you care about.
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A reflection on our social impact investing between June 2020 – June 2021
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Read the latest news, stories and insights on the city's needs and opportunities; organizations working on solutions; and how to get involved with your philanthropy.