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We exist to improve quality of life for people in a specific geographic area — highlighting needs, engaging donors and making grants.

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Read our 2022 Annual Report // Through COVID we all became less connected, but some more so than others. And yet we have plenty of reasons to be hopeful. We are convinced that we're better together in all that we do. Read the report

The new Good to Give Guide is ready // Spurred by the findings of the 2022 Toronto Social Capital Study, we have put together a list of 14 donation-ready organizations who are rebuilding social capital and creating systems change together. Learn more

Wills: Dreaded conversation brings comfort// Talking about wills can feel morbid or bring on feelings of dread and anxiety. After all, wills are most commonly associated with death and worst-case scenarios. Learn More


Understanding Toronto’s Greatest Needs

Research, insights, and recommendations to connect your philanthropy to the causes you care about.

The Toronto Social Capital Study 2022 is the most in-depth look at social capital in the city. 300,000 Torontonians say they have no one. Results show who's disconnected and why that matters to city's health.

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The Trust Collective has been a three-year collaborative learning journey to advance gender equality, involving more than 50 women philanthropists and women-led and/or women-serving charitable organizations.

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The 2023-24 Good to Give Guide is your guide to community organizations that are stepping up to help Torontonians needing support, who can’t find it elsewhere. More donations can be the difference between an organization’s ability to serve community needs or not.

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Read the latest news, stories and insights on the city's needs and opportunities; organizations working on solutions; and how to get involved with your philanthropy.