The 2021 Toronto's Vital Signs Report out now.


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POWER MOVES: INSIGHTS ON POWER AND PRIVILEGE // Toronto Foundation fundholders are invited to join us for our first event of the year, talking about The New Philanthropy! Join for a guided session on how we all hold power and privilege. Register Now

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JOB POSTING: ACCOUNTANT // We are seeking an experienced, detailed-oriented, self-starter who excels at providing accounting and administrative services. Learn More

TORONTO'S 2021 VITAL SIGNS REPORT SHOWS INEQUALITY AT RECORD HIGH // Toronto is not well and we all have a role to play to help us get better. Read More

LEAVING A GIFT IN YOUR WILL // Alongside professional advisors and charities, we're excited to be a part of the Will Power campaign to show how to create positive change through charitable gifts in our wills. Learn More


Understanding Toronto’s Greatest Needs

Research, insights, and recommendations to connect your philanthropy to the causes you care about.

A snapshot of the trends and issues affecting quality of life in Toronto.
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Your guide to high-impact organizations working on the causes you care about.
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A reflection on our social impact investing between June 2020 – June 2021
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