This year's Good to Give Guide is out and it's different.


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Grassroots Groups Step Up to the Power of Us Challenge // From a kids Pride parade, to music therapy, to community BBQs, Torontonians are here for our city. To see what’s happening in your community and across Toronto, click here. 

This year's Good to Give Guide is different // Here's the reality check: 78% of charities are small. But they're the ones doing the heavy lifting in the sector. That's why this guide features some of the smallest groups we've ever funded and recommended. Read more.

Future-proofing our youth: Five key takeaways // Today's youth are climbing an uphill battle like never before. But organizations like For Youth Initiative (FYI) are finding traction to create a brighter future. We spoke with Shaneeza Nazseer Ally, ED at FYI to find out more. Read the takeaways.


Understanding Toronto’s Greatest Needs

Research, insights, and recommendations to connect your philanthropy to the causes you care about.

The 2023 Report details social isolation and economic stress, as well as declines in mental health and civic engagement. But raising alarm bells is not enough. This year we're focusing on the problem that underlies them all—restoring the connection between us and our city.

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The Toronto Social Capital Study 2022 is the most in-depth look at social capital in the city. 300,000 Torontonians say they have no one. Results show who's disconnected and why that matters to city's health.

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The 2024-25 Good to Give Guide is different. It features some of the smallest organizations we’ve ever funded and recommended to fundholders. Small groups know their communities and draw neighbours together to imagine and build a better future. 

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Read the latest news, stories and insights on the city's needs and opportunities; organizations working on solutions; and how to get involved with your philanthropy.