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Starting your fund

Start your fund at Toronto Foundation to reap the benefits of a private foundation without all of the administration. Our team handles all of the back office work so you can focus on your charitable granting and impact.

How does a fund work?

A fund can be like a savings account for your charitable giving, accumulating interest that you can grant (donate) to charities of your choice. Or it can be like a chequing account, offering quick access to grant as much of your balance as you want whenever you want.

I'm ready. How do I start a fund?

Our team is ready to help set up your philanthropy for maximum impact. We can get your fund started in less than a week following these steps:

  • Connect with us. Let us walk you through the different fund options that can suit your needs. We can figure out the details together.
  • We will put together your fund agreement.
  • You sign it and then itā€™s done!

For more information, contact:

Aneil Gokhale

Director, Philanthropy

416-921-2035 ext. 212


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