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We help enable the philanthropy of hundreds of individuals and families who are committed to addressing our city’s challenges in lasting ways and making Toronto a better city for all. Your gift will support one or more of these philanthropists.

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Donors can support our discretionary granting by contributing to the Vital Toronto Fund.  We make grants that address persistent inequalities and seize timely opportunities. To guide our decision-making, we use the Toronto’s Vital Signs report, an equity lens and feedback of from nonprofit leaders.

We also work hand-in-hand with community partners and civic leaders to tackle issues in multiple, strategic ways that bring meaningful change and amplify giving. A gift to our Operating Fund will enable us to do more of this work for our city.

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Vital Toronto Fund

Operating Fund


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Toronto Foundation is home to 850+ community minded philanthropists. Individuals, groups, and organizations can easily set up donor advised funds and make grants to the organizations and issues they care about. 


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Fundholder Impact...

In 2019-2020 (pre-pandemic) Toronto Foundation fundholders granted $23.9M into the community.

Pictured above: fundholders from our VisionNext learning program.