Social Impact Investments


Beyond Granting

With the creation of the Vital Social Impact Investment Fund in 2018, the Foundation now offers donors a way to undertake their philanthropic work — as funders of social impact investments. Each investment aligns with the issue areas outlined in the biennial Toronto’s Vital Signs Report. Our mission is to connect philanthropy to community needs and opportunities, and it has been gratifying to leverage one more tool to make systemic change.

We’ve worked with fundholders to grow the program and have together invested $12 million. The growth of our program is in large part due to the nonprofit sector’s innovation and drive for social change. In addition to making our own impact investments, we partnered with Community Foundations of Canada in 2020 to promote and administer the Government of Canada’s Investment Readiness Program. As our loans mature and are paid back, we are able to re-invest, and we will continue to methodically evaluate risks and returns, and do our detailed due diligence on new potential investments that come our way.

The Foundation's Social impact investments are recommended to the board by the Foundation’s Social Impact Investment Committee. Our asset allocation is as follows:

SII Asset Allocation screenshot

Current Investments

2020 Social impact investing report



In fall 2020 we released a report capturing our first four years building up our social impact investing program. Read the report for more details on each investment, our initial learnings and insights on where we want to take the program. 


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