The Toronto Social Capital Study 2022 is the most in-depth look at social capital in the city. Released by Toronto Foundation and the Environics Institute, along with 15 partners, the report covers Torontonians’ wellbeing based on their social networks, social trust, civic engagement and neighbourhood support. 

300,000 Torontonians say they have no one 

Results show who's disconnected and why that matters to city's health 


This important report asks the question: How well are we connected?

In light of our collective experience of the past 2.5 years – a global pandemic that forced us all into protective isolation, this question is – and should be – fundamental.


What's changed for 4,000 Torontonians over the last four years

Take Action


The 2022 Toronto Social Capital Study directs attention beyond slogans, to what this might mean in practice.

Related Research on Discrimination


Racialized Torontonians, and especially those who identify as Black, are significantly more likely to face discrimination on a regular basis than white residents of the city. In fact, racism is the most common form of discrimination in Toronto. 


National Findings

Commissioned by Community Foundations of Canada, Social Capital in Canada 2022 reveals the findings from an online survey of 2,000 Canadians. And we’re more alike than different.

Press release

The release highlights the good and bad news including how the five hardest hit groups are faring, and what measure of social capital has changed the most in four years.

Fact Sheets

How certain groups are faring including Torontonians with disabilities, those who identify as Black and LGBTQ2S+ or who are low-income, as well as the national findings.

Community Leaders

Community organizations are boosting social capital across this city. Learn about our new Social Capital Partners and hear other leaders’ takes on the survey findings.

Disaggregated Data

Download the full tabulations and data sheets for both the Toronto Social Capital Survey as well as Social Capital in Canada 2022.

Lead Partners

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