“When I retired as Mayor of Toronto in 1991, a Fund was established at Toronto Foundation in my name as recognition of my years of service to the City of Toronto. The Fund was to be administered by the Foundation and used for a cause that I would designate. I designated Toronto’s at risk youth as the cause for the funds, which would be held in perpetuity with annual donations coming from the interest generated on its investment. The Fund has been added to from time to time since the original donation. And now my wife, Camille Bacchus, has agreed to add her name and effort to expanding the Fund.

There have been many grants awarded by the Foundation over the years from the Art Eggleton and Camille Bacchus Fund to support programs helping Toronto’s at risk youth.  I encourage anyone sharing my concerns for the future of our youth to make a donation to the Fund, and send it to Toronto Foundation.”

-Senator Art Eggleton

The Art Eggleton and Camille Bacchus Fund has supported high-impact youth projects such as:

Planned Parenthood’s “Teen Health Source”, which provides sexual and reproductive health information to Toronto teens through peer education services, the teenhealthsource.com website, workshops, community events, and a Facebook page. The grant from the Fund allowed Planned Parenthood to develop a marketing and outreach strategy to reach teens more directly and engage them through social media platforms where they feel most comfortable asking questions and getting answers to important information about their reproductive health.

Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth: The Art Eggleton and Camille Bacchus Fund supported the Eva’s Pheonix Printshop, social enterprise that provides youth transitioning from homeless shelters with printmaking skills and job experiences that are otherwise inaccessible. Over 70% of the students who complete the training program connect with full-time work, and Eva’s provides long-term follow-up support to help them sustain their gains and achieve self-sufficiency.

Toronto Lords Community Association: a free basketball association for youth that could not otherwise afford to be a part of sports programs. All youth players must maintain a B average in their studies to participate, which has led to 100% of graduates going on to post-secondary school. The grant from the Art Eggleton and Camille Bacchus Fund allowed the program to grow, and maintain accessibility to the youth of Toronto while we continue to promote their two main goals: academics and athletics.

To make a contribution to the Art Eggleton and Camille Bacchus Fund, please use the form below. Your donation will allow the Fund to support even more high-impact youth initiatives in the City of Toronto every year. Invest in tomorrow, today.

To enable the Donor Advisor to properly recognize donors for their contributions, Toronto Foundation will share your contact information and donation amount with the Donor Advisor unless you have checked the anonymous box on the donation form.