Every day, thousands of women walk through our doors — they are employees, customers, business partners, community members, and more. The well-being of these women is important to us. Their success is our success, because when they do well, we all do well. But not everyone has a chance to do well in life. There are barriers that prevent some women from taking control of their lives and reaching their full potential. That’s why we created Find Your Stride. Find Your Stride is TJX Canada’s charitable initiative dedicated to helping women achieve economic independence so that they and their families can thrive in life.

Through this fund, we support registered charitable organizations across Canada that provide women and their families with the skills and supports they need to take control of their lives.

We have identified three core areas of support:

-Providing women with the personal support required for them to get ahead
-Helping women gain skills and expand their knowledge
-Making sure women feel safe and secure

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