How to further food security this December

“I look forward to a time when South Parkdale has enough food to eat, so we can get back to the business of using sport to create social change,” says Miranda Kamal, executive director, MJKO (Mentoring Juniors Kids Organization). 

Throughout the pandemic, libraries, community centres, recreational hubs, and offices were converted into emergency food hampers, while many organizations organized delivery services to ensure their homebound participants had the food they needed. We witnessed the sector go above and beyond their mandate to meet a timely need.

Thank you to the organizations who stepped into this space temporarily, those who are permanently adapting their services to sustain this ongoing need and to those who stretched their services like never before and are staying the course. This pandemic has put tremendous pressure on the finances, staff and long-term viability of these organizations.

We hope you’ll acknowledge them on social and make a donation if you’ve got capacity. While this is not an exhaustive list of organizations that were involved, here are organizations we granted to and connected with during COVID.

We’re grateful to groups that went beyond their mandate to feed communities: 

  • 2 Spirited People of The 1st Nations 
  • Alexandra Park Learning Centre of Toronto 
  • Anishnawbe Health Foundation 
  • Centre Francophone du Toronto 
  • East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club 
  • Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment 
  • Lumenus Foundation 
  • MABELLEarts 
  • MJKO (Mentoring Juniors Kids Organization) 
  • Parkdale Golden Age Foundation 
  • Single Mothers Inspiring Leadership in Education (SMILE) Foundation 
  • Success Beyond Limits 
  • Vibrant Alliance Healthcare 

Let’s recognize groups that have stretched themselves to keep up with COVID demands: 

  • Black Creek Community Farm 
  • Daily Bread Food Bank 
  • FoodShare Toronto 
  • Scarborough Food Security Initiative 
  • Second Harvest 
  • Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre 
  • Toronto Black Farmers and Growers Collective