In 2017, Larry Lau created The Lau Foundation as a way to expand his engagement within his community. The
Foundation seeks to support organizations and community initiatives which focus on poverty alleviation.

His experience as a serial entrepreneur and startup investor has led him to venture philanthropy: an investment model
that utilizes tailored financing, organizational support, and impact measurement and management to support social
purpose organizations (SPO). Some of the largest obstacles faced by SPOs include lack of stable funding, capacity, and
partnerships to assist in addressing organizational challenges. 

As an entrepreneur, Larry appreciates the importance of education and skill development; however, he also recognizes
the barriers poverty can impose on individuals seeking to obtain or build on these skills. It is with this knowledge in
mind that Larry has dedicated the mission of the Lau Foundation, at this time, to focus on educational attainment and
training, such as financial literacy, and investing to support self-employment through micro-finance loans or impact

Larry believes that a key element of poverty alleviation is increased personal agency. When initiatives equip individuals
with the skills and the know-how to develop economic independence they extend their impact beyond the individual
and into the community. It is through increased personal agency that the Lau Foundation seeks to trigger a chain reaction
of poverty alleviation.  

This Fund’s granting purpose is subject to change at the request of the Donor Advisor.
To enable the Donor Advisor to properly recognize donors for their contributions, Toronto Foundation will share your contact information and donation amount with the Donor Advisor unless you have checked the anonymous box on the donation form.