The Lifeline Syria Fund at the Toronto Foundation will make grants to registered charities to pay for direct cost associated with sponsoring and settling Syrian refugees to Toronto

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As Syria staggers into its fifth year of a brutal civil war, almost 12 million people – fully half the country’s population – are homeless, including 7 million internally displaced people inside Syria and 4 million refugees outside the country who have little hope of returning to Syria safely.

Half of those uprooted are children who have been traumatized by war, robbed of an education, forced from their homes and now live in appalling conditions in exile.

Syria’s neighbors are struggling with the demands placed on them by the sudden influx of refugees. As of May 2015, there were almost 4 million registered Syrian refugees in the region, including 1.7 million in Turkey, 1.1 million in Lebanon and 600,000 in Jordan. As conditions deteriorate, with further influxes of refugees in Iraq and Egypt, the entire Middle East is threatened.

Canadians can help prevent a disaster from becoming a catastrophe. Every family that we can resettle in the Greater Toronto is one step closer to a resolution. Refugee sponsorship and international resettlement offer a new life to the most vulnerable; eases the burden on regional host countries and holds out the hope that international pressure might help resolve Syria’s crisis.

Lifeline Syria aims to grant to registered Canadian charities who will help resettle at least 1,000 Syrian refugees in the Greater Toronto Area, emulating Canada’s incredible response to the Indochinese Refugee Movement of 1979, when Canadians successfully resettled 60,000 Vietnamese “boat people”.

This community engagement initiative will:

Enrich Canada as every other refugee movement has in the past
Enhance Canada’s refugee resettlement commitment
Provide opportunities for ordinary people to respond to a humanitarian crisis
Assist Syrian families in the Greater Toronto Area to be reunited with their friends and family
Give refugees an opportunity to restart their lives in Canada
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All granting decisions from the Lifeline Syria Fund are at the discretion of the Fund Advisor of the Lifeline Syria Fund (Mohammad Al Zaibak).


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