Education had always been an integral part of Joan Miller’s life. After emigrating from England in 1967, Joan worked two part-time jobs on top of being a teacher and single mother. She even went back to university to eventually graduate at the age of 56. All of this was to ensure that her son, David, had every opportunity to succeed. Having served as Mayor of Toronto, David has no doubt that he would not be where he is today without his mother’s unconditional love.

In 2006, David created the Mrs. Joan H. Miller Scholarship Fund at the Toronto Foundation with the hope of instilling the same value of education in those looking to better themselves and to provide for their families. Recipients are people seeking a second chance, like Joan Miller, to return to school giving them and their families the opportunity to prosper.

David believes that if he can help others do what his mother did for him then the fund is a fitting memoriam to her.


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