My Philanthropic Checklist


Tips & Reminders to Support your Ongoing Philanthropic Learning, Planning & Action

✓ Practice continuous learning by setting a philanthropic learning goal for the year.

✓ Keep your values & philanthropic guiding principles* top of mind as you plan. Ensure alignment with any co-fundholders.

*Refer to your completed cards from the Ground Your Giving Session (previously known as the All the Feels Session)

✓ Identify / re-affirm an issue area(s) you are focused on.

Examples: food security, environment, health, arts

✓ Identify organizations working to make change within your issue area (you’ll be notified of your Available To Grant or ATG in April).

✓ Make grants keeping in mind the fundamentals of good granting.

✓ In addition to your granting, consider other actions you could incorporate into your philanthropic planning.

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For more information, contact:

Nicole Nunes

Fundholder Engagement Officer

416-921-2035 ext. 218


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