The One City Scholarship Fund is an initiative by Toronto teachers to support remarkable students in their post-secondary studies. These students have excelled in spite of considerable obstacles which include financial challenges, marginalization, low expectations, and stigma. They have learned to develop a resilient, optimistic, spirit that allows their gifts to shine. This city needs these extraordinary young people to flourish. Together we can build a city that is less wasteful of talent, more inclusive, and better able to provide opportunities for young people who have already overcome so much. We think that there are more people in Toronto, like you, who agree. The One City Scholarship Fund is actively supporting youth in their first two years of post-secondary education. As our resources grow, we hope to extend that support to up to four years and to more students. High achieving students from challenging backgrounds bring something special to our city. We have the opportunity to invest in their, and therefore our, future. When we reach across the barriers that divide us, we can become one city. For more information please visit

This Fund’s granting purpose is subject to change at the request of the Donor Advisor.
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