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Parkdale People’s Economy

The Parkdale People’s Economy is a network of over 30 community-based organizations and hundreds of community members collaborating to build decent work, shared wealth and equitable development in Parkdale. It engages in community planning, organizing, research and mutual aid grounded in values of equity, affordability, accessibility, reciprocity, solidarity and belonging.

CHOICE ONE - National Housing Day Rally (2017) (1)
CHOICE TWO Parkdale Community Benefits Framework in Action - Occupation of 11 Brock (2018)
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In the Neighbourhood Improvement Area of South Parkdale, over a third of residents live in deepening poverty and nearly 90% are renters.

Source: Statistics Canada 2018, Parkdale Planning Study 2016

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The Parkdale People’s Economy established a community plan and community benefits framework to increase resident participation, information sharing between residents, service providers, business and government.


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Top Right: Parkdale People’s Economy supporters at the National Housing Day Rally (2017)

Bottom Left: Parkdale Community Benefits Framework in action – Occupation of 11 Brock (2018)


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