Putting Your Future and Will in Focus

If like many Canadians the COVID-19 health crisis has caused you think about your mortality more than ever before, you might be sitting down to start your will or updating one written decades ago under markedly different circumstances.

If you find yourself thinking about the future of your fund, or how to include Toronto Foundation in your estate plans we want to be sure you have the tools you need. Here are some ways that the Toronto Foundation can support your legacy planning.

Create or update your legacy agreement. We can set up a legacy agreement with you in as little as one conversation. And while a will is a relatively static document, a legacy agreement with Toronto Foundation can be fluid. Once you name Toronto Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate via any legal will, you can update your legacy agreement as often as you wish, without the hassle of modifying your will.
As your charitable interests evolve, so can your intentions for your legacy. Many fundholders like you are using this time of reflection to update their bequest agreements and are impressed by the ease of this process. You can make changes any time, over the phone, email, or whatever works for you.

See here for easy directions and wording for including Toronto Foundation in your will and don’t forget to let us know about your intentions!

  1. Toronto Foundation can be your successor advisor. If you have yet to name a successor for your fund and want to safeguard your legacy of giving after you are gone, you can name Toronto Foundation as your successor advisor. Our expert granting staff will ensure your fund continues to support the causes you care about based on the terms of your fund agreement. We would be honoured to be the stewards of your legacy.
  2. Support the issues that matter most. Maybe you have a cause that is close to your heart, but don’t know how to support it. Or, maybe you are having a hard time prioritizing organizations. That’s ok. We have the insights, community connections, and knowledge of charitable organizations to help guide you. We can work with you to identify how to have the greatest impact with your legacy today, tomorrow and forever.
  3. Trust in us that your charitable wishes will be realized no matter what the future holds. The future is unpredictable—we are living that reality withCOVID-19—and that is what Toronto Foundation is here for. Our job is to ensure that your charitable legacy established today, is flexible and adaptable to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

As a fundholder you have demonstrated your commitment to giving back time and time again. As always, we are available to support you as you plan for this next chapter. If you have any questions, please reach out to Nicola Hives our Director of Growth Strategy by email at nhives@torontofoundation.ca; or phone at 416-921-2035 ext. 203.