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South Asian Autism Awareness Centre

South Asian Autism Awareness Centre is a Toronto-based charity whose mission is to make autism services equitable for all Canadians. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, the Centre offers culturally responsive autism practices and accessible programming that supports the development of individuals of all ages who are on the autism spectrum, along with their caregivers.

CHOICE 1 - 6. Visual Arts Program (Children)
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1 in 66 Canadians are diagnosed with autism, and the average lifetime health cost for someone with autism spectrum disorder is almost $3 million.

Source: Public Health Agency of Canada

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South Asian Autism Awareness Centre is working to open an arts hub in Scarborough that will create greater social, educational, economic and cultural opportunities for children and adults with autism and other developmental conditions. The hub will serve 300+ students annually and will deliver a range of programming including visual arts, dance, music, drama and digital arts.


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Top Right: A participant in the South Asian Autism Awareness Centre Visual Arts program for children

Bottom Left: A participant in the South Asian Autism Awareness Centre All Star Fitness program



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