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Social Planning Toronto (SPT)

SPT is a nonprofit charitable community organization in operation for over 60 years, that challenges inequity in Toronto — through knowledge generation, debate, civic engagement, advocacy and collaboration — to spark social and policy change.

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Toronto has the third-highest child poverty rate (14.7%) among large urban centres in Canada; in the Toronto Centre ward, 25.6% of families experience poverty.

Source: Statistics Canada 2021

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SPT works with more than 100 partners to engage thousands of community members and groups across the city in social and economic justice issues. This includes: advocating for the human right to housing; affordable housing; strengthened community services; poverty reduction; gender, disability, and racial justice; and an equitable and inclusive City budget.


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Top Right: Social Planning Toronto supported the work of community ambassadors like Charles Zhu (left) and Kashmira Dhamani (right) through a series of trainings and providing a space for them to connect, network and support each other.

Bottom Left: Neighbourhood Summit at Metro Hall (November 2019). Photo taken by Malik Cox


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