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Toronto Aboriginal Support Services Council (TASSC)

TASSC is a leading nonprofit research, policy and advocacy organization that addresses the social determinants of health to improve and enhance the socio-economic prospects and cultural wellbeing of Indigenous people living in the city of Toronto. Its membership currently includes 21 Indigenous-led organizations that make up a majority of the designated social services providers for Indigenous people living in Toronto.

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80,000 Indigenous people live in Toronto; 90% of them live below the low income cut off.

Source: Our Health Data

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After losing its office space during COVID, which hindered its operations and support for frontline member organizations, TASSC successfully advocated for a $2 million investment from Indigenous Services Canada to purchase and renovate a new collective and shared gathering space. TASSC envisions that this Indigenous-owned and operated space will provide a safe, accessible and culturally appropriate space to serve the community.


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