Announcing: our new COO, Rashid Javed

With over 20 years of senior leadership experience in finance and operations in the corporate and charity sectors across four continents, Rashid Javed has been able to build a reputation of having sound judgment, analytical skills and an ability to inspire, motivate and build trust.

Having a particular niche in finding new ways of working to tackle business challenges that ensure operating models are fit for the present as well as the future, Rashid has developed and worked with teams locally and globally to deliver results. For the past two decades with Plan International, Rashid has led various global, regional and country initiatives that involve strategic stakeholder engagement to help achieve a common goal and vision. Ensuring financial sustainability through efficiency, shared services, best practices, standardized and contextualized processes, fundraising and return on capital strategies and social impact investing mechanisms are just a few of the areas Rashid brings experience and learnings.

Working closely with at risk communities and marginalized groups to collaborate and learn from one another is what still drives and energizes Rashid each day. For the past two decades the vulnerable communities Rashid served were in West & East Africa, Asia and Latin America. With a return home to Toronto earlier this year, Rashid has found an opportunity to put his vast skills and learnings to use for local communities and people in need.

Rashid is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Management Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Business degree.

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