Black and Indigenous Futures Fund Results

We're so excited to announce the funding recipients and grassroots pilot participants!

The Black and Indigenous Futures Fund is designed to support Black and Indigenous leaders, organizations, and grassroots groups who are best equipped to identify and advance solutions for their communities and push for an equitable and just recovery from the challenges of COVID-19. These communities have historically not had a say when it comes to shaping and accessing philanthropy’s funding opportunities. The creation of this new program is an important step in our commitment to addressing systemic and institutional challenges as we build for an equitable recovery in our city.

We are able to support 16 qualified donees and eight grassroots groups. The grassroots groups are an exciting new feature of our core work for the next three years. Supporting non-qualified donees is key to advancing equity and racial justice, as on-the-ground initiatives are often best positioned to identify and advance solutions for their own communities. Moving beyond our historical grants to trustee organizations, this year we’ve set up service contracts directly with the groups – hopefully providing them with more flexibility and autonomy.

What you’ll find in the Good to Give Guide




This year’s Guide covers the impetus for the Black and Indigenous Futures Fund, our approach and the sector leaders who shaped it, and of course, spotlights the organizations you must get to know — including runners up in both categories.