What’s driving new fund sign up in 2022 

Trending so far: New fundholders are opting for our full range of offerings to broaden their impact—some choosing multiple funds to get started. When it comes to issues, new fundholders are bringing a passion for social innovation, education, the arts, Indigeneity, as well as animal rights and welfare.  

As of mid-July, 42 Torontonians committed to establishing 30 new funds. In several cases, multiple generations of family members are opting to practice their philanthropy together. 

Engagement is key for one family hoping the next generation will play a bigger role in their philanthropy. Another family is memorializing a loved one gone too soon. 

At a time when communities need to lead, we’re incredibly excited to have welcomed four new Vital Toronto Funds. That endowed community fund supports the long-term vitality of our city. Staff use the funds to grant nimbly according to pressing and ongoing issues including regular grant streams such as Toronto’s Vital Signs Grants. 

Similarly, we welcomed another three Vital Social Impact Investment Funds to our social impact investing pool where fundholders can invest directly in projects. Folks who initiated funds also started others where they will be more directly engaged in the granting.  

Christine Maxwell, who initiated one of 30 new funds and has just left Toronto Foundation in her will, says: There's a short window in which to get kids excited about learning. My goal is to support the kids who might be harder to reach. Now Toronto Foundation can introduce me to more groups doing this work so I can make an even bigger impact.” 

By the Numbers What's driving new funds in 2022