How you can help Afghan refugees and residents

Some of you have started to ask how you can help the thousands of Afghan people who were unable to escape as well as those who manage to eventually make their way to Canada. While we still encourage you to also seek out suggestions by the local Afghan community, we're suggesting three ways to channel your support.

  • The Equality Fund will be directing money to the Urgent Action Fund - Asia & Pacific to support communities still in Afghanistan.  This Fund has years of experience supporting women and non-binary activists, and human rights defenders in crisis situations. They fund quickly and effectively. They get resources safely into the hands of activists. Donate now
  • Lifeline Afghanistan is being organized by many of the same civic leaders who rapidly mobilized in 2015 to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada in 100 days. The vision is that the same ideas, processes and hyper local groups can work together to help resettle the thousands of Afghan refugees who have been accepted into the country so far. The City of Toronto will be administering donations. Learn more 

We’ve compiled a list of local settlement and refugee-serving organizations that we’ve granted to over the years


The AWO provides settlement services to all newcomers, with a special focus on women, their families, refugees and people who have experienced war and persecution. 

Refugee Women’s Network helps to empower refugee and immigrant women and help them rebuild their lives by giving them resources and tools to make choice that will be sustainable.  

Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto empowers newcomer women and their families in building a life in Canada, by connecting them to social and economic opportunities and fostering a sense of belonging.

  • Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture

    CCVT is a community-based organization that helps victims of torture, war, genocide and crimes against humanity. We provide treatment, tools and support that allow refugees to heal from trauma and become active community members.

  • Christie Refugee Welcome Centre

    CRWC provides care, support and assistance to refugees to pursue their refugee claims and to reconstruct and begin their new lives in Canada.

  • Canadian Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Health Care:  

    CCRICH is a volunteer interdisciplinary medical, dental and social care team that provides humanitarian medical care and assistance to those new to Canada who find themselves sick and medically uninsured.
  • FCJ Refugee Centre

    FCJ Refugee Centre serves refugees and others at risk due to their immigration status, and welcomes anyone asking for advice, counsel and support regarding their refugee or immigration claim process.