The new Good to Give Guide is here

Last fall the Toronto Social Capital Study revealed that Torontonians are not well, civic engagement has plummeted and a staggering 300,000 amongst us say they have no one to turn to. Based on those insights, we're profiling 14 donation-ready organizations who are rebuilding social capital and creating systems change together. Five of the 14 are our 2022 Social Capital Grantees, who are focusing on boosting social capital and bringing people together directly. The other nine are creating systems change – a critical, yet often underfunded effort in comparison to more direct services.

All of the organizations profiled in the Good to Give Guide are donation-ready. Most are charitable organizations, while others receive donations through their financial partner (trustee). They are delivering visionary and transformative work tackling our city’s inequities. But more funding will unlock increased capacity and sustainability, and ultimately, systemic change.

If you’re a Toronto Foundation fundholder:

  • Read about the impact these organizations are already having and more on their strategies for creating systems change.
  • Diversify your donations to include one or more of the organizations profiled—and if possible, make a multi-year gift to boost their sustainability and flexibility through Donor Central.

Read more about this year's featured organizations in the 2023-24 Good to Give Guide here.