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Research Brief: COVID-19 and the repercussions for mental health in Toronto

This is an outstanding city.
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Fran Deacon

Wife of the late Fraser Deacon,
Founder of Toronto Foundation

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Research Brief: COVID-19 and the repercussions for mental health in Toronto

  Concerns about mental health appear to be growing as the pandemic unfolds. Multiple sources indicate that the situation is producing a mental health crisis in Canada and abroad: Mental health related searches on the 211 Central Region website increased by 151% from the first to the third weeks of […]

Toronto Foundation Fundholders spring into action for COVID response

  “This is a moment where anyone who has capacity to give should be listening, learning, and responding, even if it means giving or supporting in an entirely new way.”  – Zahra Ebrahim, Toronto Foundation Fundholder “Canada welcomed my parents when other countries were closing their borders to refugees. Now […]


  The Better Toronto Coalition was started to do two things: share the stories of frontline organizations addressing the crisis and encourage direct financial support; create a central fund for donors that want to pool their giving. The following organizations have received grants from the Better Toronto Coalition Fund.   […]

Better Toronto Coalition Hub

  The impacts of COVID-19 are not being felt equally. Thousands of Torontonians have lost their jobs. Many part-time and temporary workers are facing the impossible question of whether to pay for food or rent. Some are visiting a food bank for the first time ever. Those with mental health […]

COVID-19: Toronto Foundation’s Operations in the Weeks Ahead

Published Monday March 16, 2020 Starting Monday March 16 and for the foreseeable future, Toronto Foundation staff will be working remotely. We’ve made the decision carefully based on public health recommendations to create some social distance in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that this […]

Nearly $1 Million Granted to Fight Inequality in Toronto!

  Hosted By: Marivel Taruc Weekend Anchor, CBC Toronto News Host, CBC’s Our Toronto Event Details: Thursday March 5, 2020 5:30pm-9:30pm Isabel Bader Theatre   Thank you to the 200+ Torontonians who made the inaugural Deacon Legacy Grants an extraordinary night of generosity and collective legacy. Ten high-impact organizations addressing […]

Three ways your holiday giving can go further this year

  The final season of 2019 is upon us. Snow has fallen, twinkling lights are going up, and the end of year lists are making their rounds. But most notably, it’s the season of generosity, when we all look for ways to give back. While every effort helps, some options […]

Join Vision Next

    Apathy is no longer acceptable. You already know this. That’s why change starts with you.     Toronto is a city of great wealth, but it’s also the income inequality capital of Canada. We face a growing divide between those who benefit from wealth, and those whose prospects […]

Still don’t know who to vote for? 5 tools to help you choose based on your philanthropy

  On Monday five weeks of election campaigning will culminate in millions of Canadians heading to the polls for our country’s 43rd federal election. If you still haven’t decided who you are voting for – don’t panic! You have until Monday evening to learn more about your candidates and what’s at stake before casting your vote. There […]

Six inequality questions you should be asking your candidates

  Let’s face it – elections can be overwhelming. Information moves fast. Parties make big promises, and big claims. It can be tough for voters to sift through the high volume of information, and hone in on what truly matters to them. Fortunately, voters in Monday’s federal election can turn […]